Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finished Product

As you know, we got fabulous new carpet.  I almost slept on it last night; not even kidding.  It is that soft and amazing.  I love it.

Here are hideous before pictures.  Brace yourself.


IMG_2271 IMG_2278

Scary huh?  So, the process began to empty the rooms/take items off the furniture so that the guys could move everything.  Yikes.  What a process.  Why do we have so much stuff?  And, we even cleaned out our closets over Christmas. 
IMG_2272 IMG_2273


Okay so here is Jeremy helping getting all my shoes and stuff in the bathroom.  Well, I noticed how loverly his tushie looked in those jeans.  So….. I snapped a photo.  Or tried to.

IMG_2275 IMG_2276


Anywhom!  Here are the results.  We are so happy!
IMG_2281 IMG_2284 IMG_2285

Lastly, I have been eyeballing a jacket at Nordstrom’s Rack for quite sometime.  It is Marc Jacobs and BEAUTIFUL!  I wish the picture did it justice, but it doesn’t (the buttons are gold and you can’t even tell).  It was out of my price range (I am a bargain shopper to the max) and I thought it will go on sale one day.  One day was Friday, my friends!  $50 bucks!!  Did you hear the Heavenly bells ringing, as I did?  Hope so.  So many great things for this weekend.


JenBrown said...

the carpet looked great! the jacket is super cute too!

Allison said...

You aren't lying ... the carpet is so soft!! Perfect for babies to play on! ;)

Lauren said...

I love the new carpet! I'm so impressed with y'all's mad-homeowner skills! :)