Monday, January 4, 2010

Hallelujah, Lord Almighty!

Brace yourself people…… we are getting CARPET!  You heard right, carpet.  After months of begging/complaining/annoying Jeremy, he caved and we went to Lowes.  See, my tactics worked.  Lowes came today to get measurements and then we will get the quote and place the order.  You can’t beat their 12 month no interest credit card; plus you get 10% off.  Did I also mention that they are charging us only $40 to install?!  Ridiculous!  Ahhh….. I am excited.  That is not the carpet we are getting, but I thought I would add pictures for funzies.  I will take pictures when we actually get it installed.


American Idol starts next week.  Is anyone else super pumped?  Is it bad that I still watch this show?  Whatever, it is entertaining!  Speaking of entertaining, I am almost done with book 8 of the series.  I am slowing down… not that Stephanie Plum doesn’t make me laugh, because she most certainly does.  But, school is back and it is now TAKS season (even though it is in April); so now I am just waiting until spring break and then SUMMER!!

AND, remember how my poor Jetta was attacked by my garage?  I remember it like it was yesterday, highly traumatic for everyone/thing involved.  Well, Jeremy and his dad worked on Jetty’s scratches this weekend and it looks as good as new (almost).  I swear Jetty smiles now when we are taking a cruise down the street.  She is back to her spunky personality that I have missed so dearly.  Thanks boys, we appreciate you!

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