Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am getting my hair cut by someone new tomorrow and I am prettttty nervous about the situation.  With curly hair you just never know what you are getting yourself into.  I made sure that she has cut curly hair because sometimes they forget that it will shrink up.  Yikes.  I am also getting it colored because my hair has decided to act 30 years older than the rest of my body and I am already getting white hairs.  Maybe it is the frustration from my students not doing their homework.  Don’t even get me started on that.  I thought I was going to turn into the crazy mean teacher today… it wasn’t pretty.  And either are these haircuts; I hope this isn’t me tomorrow at 4:30.
imagesCA0NQM9C shortlayers

Lord, help me if I turn out that way.  Actually, Lord, help us all if I turn out like that.

In other non-exciting news, I have come to the conclusion that I lead a hellaciously boring life.  Poor Jeremy… no wonder he just bought a jeep to restore.  No, seriously, he did last night.  It’s a beast.  I work, workout, blog, eat, craigslist, and read on a daily basis.  Weekends we are always having fun but during the week I feel like a hermit.  Is that bad?  Maybe that is normal?  I hope Jeremy doesn’t totally regret marrying someone who seems to be as boring as I am.  Oh well… ‘for better or for worse’…sucka.


JenBrown said...

well, then I am SUPER boring! I like being a hermit most of the time. good luck with the new haircut!

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

At least your not boring on the weekend...I work all through the weekend as well My husband and I have to plan way ahead of time if we actually want to do something outside the house.

I love the "sucka" part, cause I totally say that type of thing to my husband all the time! :).

The thrift store I went to is Goodwill in Mesa, AZ. I also went to Deseret Industries (which might just be in Utah & AZ). Do you live in Arizona?

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

This is such a funny way to communicate, but it works... :)

There are lots of thrift stores here. The big name ones like Goodwill and Savers (do they have these in TX?) aren't my favorites. I like the little one's no one knows about. You are less likely to find something, but that's where you find the most rare stuff, the good stuff. Sometimes when I am running errands, I will see a new thrift store, and I will go in just to check it out. You should look around your city to see if there are ones you might have never seen before. :). I also love going to one's when we go out of town!