Saturday, July 18, 2009

Be the first

I have decided to start a Betsey Johnson jewelry collection, which means I actually need at least one piece to begin. If you have any that you don't want anymore feel free to send it my way :) Not sure why I have recently started to like her stuff much more but I have. It is fun and crazy and adds a little pizzaz to my black and white shirts. I seem to have 50 of them. So... neck, wrist, and fingers.. get ready to be Betsey Johnson-ified.

On a sad note, my favorite and the best instructor at our gym has accepted a new job at a Lifetime in Houston. *tear* I am going to be get fat. I don't blame her, sounds pretty amazing, but hopefully there will be a great new person taking her place that can teach step as well or even better. Maybe the chick-a-dee from Wednesday night, she was AMAZING! Anywhom, only the people who go to my gym and are step-aholics are going to get this paragraph.

Off to make some headboards!

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