Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get Ready

Saturday is the big day that we are making upholstered headboards! There is a good possibility Staci and I have either the same fabric or highly similar. It happens everytime for some reason. I went straight from tutoring (which is really fun fyi and great money) to go get fabric. I was thinking it would take one, maybe two stores... black fabric with a little detail can't be a hard thing to come by. Well, I went to Home Fabrics and Rugs and I loved tons and tons of stuff, although nothing for this project. Ran to Joann's, nada, Hancock's, zilch. I went to Hobby Lobby that is located in the semi-ghetto which means I was cranky at this point. A... it is about 120 degrees outside and I am running from store to store and dying of heat... B)... I had to sit in traffic at 2pm (how does that happen?)... C)... I was hungry (this should be point A, it is highly important to me). I get to Hobby Lobby and I actually find a fabric I can live with and it is on sale, score! Wait, what is that?! Oh an ugly stain that is repeated throughout the fabric. The lady tried to tell me that was part of the fabric. Yeah, you could be right, but I don't think ugly white bird crap looking stains were supposed to be there. I leave the store annoyed, hot, and hungry. Jeremy came home, with beautiful flowers for no reason, so instantly I was a happy camper yet again! I was fine once I got home and stopped sweating! We went to Hobby Lobby in Southlake and got the same fabric! So, I am almost all set, I just need to get the egg crate and cut the wood. Fabulous!

Pictures will be posted of our fun Saturday Craft Day! I am excited!

And just a side note: I actually cooked dinner on Monday and it didn't include heating up pizza and it was edible! Impressive.

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