Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I started my collection yesterday at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, you all know I am a sale shopper. I bought these earrings...

...to go with this necklace. Online it doesn't have the color that I bought, but mine is the gold color that matches the earrings.

If only I had seen this ring (and it were on sale) before the cruise! How fun would that have been?! I would take every picture with my hand at my face to make sure the ring would be seen :)

If you have some massive spare change and would love to buy a gift for a curly headed gal... I'm it and I have a few suggestions in the purse dept. No worries they are on sale, not exactly cheap but a sale none-the-less.

I wish I had a lot of weddings or something coming up because I love love love these dresses. AND they are all under $100. I don't know what to say except my birthday is tomorrow... I will take one of each. Thank you.

I bet you can guess which is my favorite dress!


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Love your new earrings! Finding things on sale is just the BEST!

Avian | nestparty.com said...

I'm so loving that ring! It just makes me want to buy a yacht.... not that I needed a ring to make me feel like that! ;)