Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Change

Monday Jeremy called me to tell me that he found a fridge on sale at Lowe's by his work. Well, we (to my knowledge) weren't in the market for one, so I said great, see ya at home. He sent me the model number and asked what I thought of it. It is a GE that has the freezer as the drawer on the bottom. Someone returned it and got a new one so this was over $1,000 off and there isn't anything wrong with it. We decided on Monday night that we would rather save the $850 and wait until something goes wrong with our small, non-ice making fridge. Tuesday comes along and Jeremy calls me on his way home and brings up the fridge again and said he might go up there with his dad... okay, whatever... I told him it was his decision and I didn't care either way. Well, two hours later he called on his way home with a new fridge in the truck! This is where the actual work begins. I was with his mom and his two nieces at the time so we drove to our house and Jeremy and his dad were starting to undo the ties around the fridge. They said "well, you and my mom can get the top part and then my dad and I will hold the bottom". Umm.... this thing is heavy as crap and immediately Lisa and I were like this doesn't seem like a great idea. We are leaning the fridge and yelling WAIT WAIT IT IS TOO HEAVY for a good 20 minutes before Jeremy let me call my dad for help. My dad comes over with the dolly and we get the fridge down in no time at all. Then we find out that we need to take the handles off because it won't fit through the front door. That task took about 20 more minutes. So, we are ready... fridge in the house pronto! Not so fast... nothing is easy with us... we cannot fit it through the front door still, so we have to take off our front door! Awesome. We FINALLY get that damn fridge in the house and they put the handles back and the door back, but not without nailing everything around the hinges! Now I have to go back and do tons of touch up paint. THANKS GUYS because you know I freaking LOVE painting. Anywhom, here is the old vs. the new fridge. What do ya think?!

I had the joy of serving Tarrant County today by going to Jury Duty. I could barely contain my excitement thinking about sitting in a room with a lot of random people waiting for by number to maybe be called. Thankfully I knew someone there so I had someone to chit chat with. I managed to not get called for the first 4 groups of 20 and then the last two groups of 60. Impressive. I do get called, along with everyone else leftover, as a reserve jurist. Now I am a bit confused as to why you would need say 60ish reserve jurist when you just called over 200 to be potential jurist. I didn't quite get why they needed us, but whatever. So then they say you will be able to leave around 3! EXCUSIE?!?!?! You have got to be crapping me! To say I got an instant annoyed induced headache would be an understatement. It immediately started pounding. So that just about ruined my Wednesday. Not kidding, I couldn't even do my master step class full out. Two gals from class asked if I was pregnant... no joke... now that I think about it I should be offended because they were basically saying you look like a lard-ass. Anyways, jury duty over. Can they prove that you even got your summons?! I might just try tearing it up next time and see what happens.

Onto one bit of THRILLING news.... Project Runway is coming to Lifetime!!! Not sure when, but I read online today that the 16 people have been picked. Thank gosh because I cannot stand the awful Fashion Show. I hope it is cancelled. But YEAH YEAH YEAH.... You are either in or you're out! Let's start the show!


Allison said...

yea project runway!!! Your new fridge looks great ... too bad it was so hard to get into your house. :)
and where are you pictures from the cruise?!?

JenBrown said...

nice fridge! i thought the 'big change' was a new fridge, but i guess it is that Project Runway is back? Is tim gunn on it b/c if not I refuse to watch it!!!!

Alana said...

you are HILARIOUS!!!