Monday, July 13, 2009

News Worthy

Watching Ellen right now, whom I think is hilarious, and the preview for the news just said Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson call it quits... find out why. Seriously?! That is the most important part of tonights news? I find that hard to believe. Now I do love me some gossip but that is what TMZ and Perez Hilton are for... not the frappin news!

My weekend was amazing, thank you ever so much for asking. Friday night Ben, Jeremy, and I went swimming and then to Boomer Jack's for a drink (or two for me) and dinner. The chips and salsa were so good! haha... that is my favorite part about meals. But we had a great time. Funny times indeed. I have no pictures, but just imagine us three at a table eating.

Saturday I had my regular workout early in the morning and I wanted to pass out towards the end. No surprise there. I work out 6 days a week and am still somehow out of shape. I am the 8h Wonder of the World. I just don't get it.... I mean I buy reduced fat so doesn't that mean you can eat twice as much?? Whatever I am blaming genetics for this mystery. Anywhom, after spending almost two hours cleaning the house we headed over to my parents house for a late Father's Day Celebration. It was a crowded day at the Jamotta home, all the kiddos and babies were there, then both sets of my grandparents, and dad's cousins. Little bit of a fiasco from time to time. Bella had a wee bit of a meltdown, but no worries... 25 minutes later we got her calmed down and then she was all smiles. Here are pictures that I stole from Allison's blog bc I didn't take any!

So we left there about 7ish and headed home to get ready for some friends to come over to watch UFC. I am not a huge fan of this, it actually grosses me out immensely when there is any blood. But I always have a lot of fun hanging out with all the guys and gals. Staci, Stef, and Kim came over with their hubbies so we sat on one side of the room and talked Real Housewives and other fun girly stuff while the fights were going on. By 1am Jeremy, Ben, Randall, and Aaron were still playing a physical game of ping pong and I didn't see an end in sight... so I created one and went to bed!

Jeremy didn't love that I took pictures on UFC night, but he can get right on over that!

Sunday was another grand day... worked out and then Jeremy and I went to my grandparents to help them set up their tvs and phones. I sat there and played on my grandpa's scooter and Jeremy actually did all the work. But my grandpa was in rare form and spitting out funny crap left and right. We were about to leave through the side door and my grandpa goes, "Don't go that way! It's a bitch to get out!". haha... here is my grandma's response, "You can't go through the grass, but they can walk!" So he said okay and it was settled... back door it was. We were cracking up. Jeremy loves to go see them, he just sits with my grandpa and laughs at what he says. Gotta love em.

So Angela and Ben came over Sunday afternoon and swam and hung out while we went to grab dinner with Jeremy's parents. It is like Ben lived with us this weekend lol. We came home from dinner and he was just lounging in the backyard. We watched True Blood, Hung, and Entourage!! So glad Entourage is back! Oh Johnny Drama! Turtle looked skinner too, did anyone else notice that?

Okay off to put laundry away.. what fun!

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Allison said...

that's quite a weekend!!!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. :)