Sunday, July 26, 2009

Impromtu Vacay!

We have decided to take a quick trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday! It is going to be fast, we will be back on Saturday. We are super pumped about it! Actually, we haven't decided on where we are staying... we should get on that since it is two days away. But we think we might try to stay in Hollywood Beach, we have hear a lot of good things about it! Imagine us here:

I am already nervous about the flight.... yuck yuck yuck! I hate flying. I am going to try to take some medicine that makes me sleep. Perhaps vicodin?! I would LOVE to sleep through the whole flight, but that never happens. Poor Jeremy, he hates to fly with me.... well too bad because you are going to fly with me the rest of your life! Get used to my nails going into your arm. Man up! Anyone have good flying tips?

Other than that nothing super exciting going on. We finally saw Ice Age 3... love it! Those are my favorite movies. I got to hang out with my family Friday night and Saturday so that was lots of fun. Although, I forgot my camera. Oops! And, we got addicted to another series. 30 Rock! Hilarious!!!

Off to do laundry, what fun!


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Your vacation sounds so fun! I wish I could go swimming in a pool that looks like that!

Sleonard said...

So fun!! Enjoy! Can't wait to see pics!!