Thursday, December 3, 2009

if only

If I didn't have a full time job and I just had endless amounts of time and money I would love to start re-doing furniture and learn how to upholster. Oh how much fun I would have! My favorite blog that makes me incredibly jealous and makes me wish I had buckets of paint and random accent pieces in the garage is Better After. I could roam these posts for hours on end.... and I do!

I totally forgot!!! Jeremy and I went to Lucy this past weekend and it was my lucky ducky day. Everything was an extra 30% off the sale price. Here are my wonderful finds :)

I got this shirt in white and blue... hmmm....

This in deep purple.

A light blue bad boy!

This loverly top.

These pants come in short... Hallelujah!

My favorite thing was this jacket, but mine is in a really cute pink... can't find a picture though. Oh well! Need a Christmas gift for me? Gift card to Lucy would be wonderful.

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Allison said...

okay ... all I did was click on the link above and I now have a new project on my list. I'm painting the desk (i'm sitting at right now) with our computer on it!!! :) :)