Sunday, December 20, 2009

Craft, Trauma, and Music

Friday night I decided to try the wreath I posted about last time. Thanks to my sweet students for collecting the 'prickly things' in their yard. They had no idea what I was talking about so I had to show a picture and I got three bags full the next day :). Just one of the many perks of being a teacher to sweet kiddos. This was a very cheap project. I ran to Michael's since I had a half day (woot woo for 2 weeks of vacation!) and got a medium and small sized straw wreath for maybe $3 all together. I bought floral wire for $2. and that was it!

I took off all of the stems, which slightly hurt the hands after a while. Then the directions I read online said that I needed to cut the wire and hot glue the pieces where the stems were. Holy crap-balls, that was taking FOREVER (say it over and over again like Sandlot... it makes more of an impact). So, I literally said 'screw this sh*t' and hot glued the pieces directly to the straw wreath. Seemed to work like a charm and took less than half the time. Perfection.

Then I spray painted a little metallic silver on it and hung it up with red ribbon. Tada! What do ya think?!

After dinner on Friday night we were driving to my parent's house to fix their non-broken TV and on the way we saw something in the middle of the road. I looked and saw that it was a raccoon and it's poor legs were still trying to move but it was hit by another car. Jeremy slammed on his breaks and my hands are immediately covering my eyes and ears, I am screaming, and my knees are to my chest. We did NOT hit Fred, so Jeremy backed up and I am just saying "oh no oh no oh no!!!" Jeremy said that it had died and by the time we had backed up and gone around it. But I was already crying at this point. Broke my heart because I knew it was in pain and it just was a very sad moment. And I am not talking a tear or two, like crying! ahh... animals make me sad.

Anywho, last night we celebrated Jeremy's birthday by going to dinner and then going to see Cross Canadian Ragweed at Billy Bob's. We had so much fun!! But, I am not in college anymore (haven't been for quite sometime) and I was so tired by 12:15. We didn't get home until 1:45 and I am still trying to recover. How pathetic am I?!

Oh yeah, and here is our door...what should we do with it? I really like it!

I hope I win the necklaces from Chic Coles giveaway. Go enter, or don't.. because then my odds will be better! :)Necklaces

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