Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Grinch Here

I have been in the Christmas spirit lately! Yesterday I spent a good 2 hours wrapping gifts and making my own bows. Not going to lie, but I am pretty impressed with myself! Take a gander. (Can't zoom in too far because you can't see who we bought gifts for; it is a secret!)

Allison, my mom, and I went to Holiday decorating class at Pottery Barn. We got some great ideas, but no offense PB, you are a bit over-priced. So I stopped at Ross on my way home since Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. Isn't that always the case though?! I want Chick-fil-a and I need to make a HL run on Sundays... never fails. Anywhom, I got a vase and a few things for super cheap and made my won little PB inspired fiesta! I also bought gold garland for our tree; it was bare and making me sad.

Michael Vick is playing on tv and I am going to go ahead and say I pretty much hate that guy. Jeremy says forgive and forget.... yeah, no thanks.

I also found these friends on clearance at TJ Maxx; where else? And, I am pretty excited about that. What am I going to do with them? Not a dang clue, but don't tell Jeremy. I told him I had a plan.... which I slightly do. I know I am going to spray over that ugly orange! Deep red I do believe. What do you think?

Okay off to finish book 5 of the series. I get stopped almost every day I am reading it at the gym by ladies talking about how funny they are. One lady and I sat in the locker room and talked about who would play the characters in a movie; we are now BFF.

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Allison said...

Nice work! I'm very impressed with the bows!! And I like what you did on your tree and foyer. Thank you pottery barn class.

Okay do you have any of the books from the series I can borrow? You keep talking about them so it's time I read one and see if they're really that funny. :)