Thursday, December 17, 2009


Who wants to drive to McKinney to get me this beauty? It is amazing and I already have lots of ideas of how to fit into our nursery in a few years! :)

I also found this fix-er-upper. Not sure where I can put this, but for $15 I will find a place. I want to take the bottom four drawers out and use as shelves, and obviously, it needs to be re-painted!

We bought an old door from a friend for only $10 and we are really excited to use it somewhere in our house! NO idea what we can do with it. Any ideas?

AND... I would like to make this... who is with me?! I got the idea from another blog and then the directions from yet another. So cute! I already know where I want to put it. Now I just need to start collecting....

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Celice said...

Ooo I love the wreath!