Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2009

The other day I finally bought some Cherry spray paint and re-did the ugly orange bookends that I found at TJ Maxx.  The pictures aren’t coming out lovely, but I am really happy with the results!  It looks so good!!  I think I may spray paint two more items that color to tie in the whole book case.  We shall see!

Staci’s mom (are you singing that song now?!) is giving Staci her piano and bench.  Against Brad’s wishes, we (I am involved in their every decision!) are going to paint/stain the piano and bench.  Are you excited?  We are!!  I think we may add padding and fabric to the bench too.  Fun times ahead!  Here are some ideas.
DSC00484 img_3091

Next time I blog it will be 2010!!  This may be an interesting year for us :)

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Lauren said...

Hmmm....interesting year? I can probably guess what that means and I will keep you in my prayers!! (Hee hee! I'm getting excited and am not even sure if I am right! Ha!)