Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Time

Pretty excited that our bathroom was featured on Better After!  I have gotten a few emails about what we did, so I figured I should go ahead and do a full post of what we did and pictures.  So here goes!

When we bought the house we loved how big the master bath was, but we weren’t in love with the 1990’s theme.  After we got the main things done in the house, like flooring, paint, opening walls, etc… we decided it was time to tackle our bathroom.  One of my best friends at work told me to talk to her husband who owns a tile company.  Jumped on that idea!  He completely helped us out and totally hooked us up.  He came over almost every night to help us (and by us I mean Jeremy and my dad) lay tile.  Here are the demo/before pictures.
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Phase Two:
We, somehow, have many amazing connections.  One of our friends was a plumber and helped us raise the shower head about a foot since Jeremy is so dang tall.  Then we (again, Jeremy and friends & family) put up cement boards and built a half-wall for the shower where the door was.  This was a task!!
*I can’t find a picture of the half-wall without tile, sorry!*

Phase Three:
This was the major phase!  Tile time!  We got a medallion for the center of the floor so that is what we put down first.  Then we just tiled the rest of the floor from there.  This took a while but the results were amazing :) 
Phase Four:
We tiled right onto the front of the tub, which was nice that we didn’t have to replace it.  Pricey!  Victor, from Beshea Tile, did all the shower flooring.  He made it slope down to the drain so that the water would flow right.  It was insane to see how quick he did it.  Then again, he has been doing this for 30 years!  We also tiled the top half of the shower first (including around the tub), let it set, tiled the bottom half, let it set, and then tiled the border between.  Finally we tiled the wall.  The bathroom was finally coming together!

4       untitled37untitled2untitled168 
Phase Five:
We textured and painted the walls, installed new windows, put molding around the windows, completed the crown molding, installed a new toilet, put two individual mirrors up, and put some decor up.  We aren’t done yet, but we are getting there!
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Some people have asked if our shower gets water everywhere since we don’t have glass or a door and the answer is nope!  A little bit of water splashes towards the bath mat, but that’s it.  We just use a squeegee (sp?!) that we hide.

Hope you enjoyed the post!


Sandra Powell said...

Thanks for posting more pics. It is so fun to see the whole process. Lovely bathroom.

JenBrown said...

turned out great! :)

Jessica said...


your shower is awesome!

Amy @ said...

WOW what a relaxing bathroom, love the corner tub. You did a great job.