Monday, March 29, 2010

Should I….?

I do not love the look of my blog and have been looking for new backgrounds and a header, but nothing seems to really hit the spot.  I think I need to bit the bullet and get a custom blog make-over!  Searching on websites I found out that it isn’t a cheap thing.  Some people were asking over $100 for the background alone.  Hell to the no!

THEN, I found this lovely site while just browsing from blog to blog.  The Frilly Coconut  Do you just love her portfolio like I do?!  Here are a few of my favorite blogs that she has done.
screenshot screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6
I think the last one may be my favorite because I have been on a green kick lately. 

The best part is the price!  Only $40 to completely redo the WHOLE blog!  Sounds pretty wonderful to me.  So, should I do it?  I told Jeremy about it the other day but he didn’t seem to have any sort of opinion either way.  I am just impressed he reads my blog.

My birthday is Wednesday.  Maybe that will be my gift to myself?!


Jessica said...

DO IT!! It's so worth it! :) And....clearly you should have put a picture of MY blog on this post. No hurt feelings though. ;) hehe

Jessica said...

it's ok, I forgive you...maybe next time. ;)

No, it's not my company, it's my friend Jessica's company. She started it a year ago and she is awesome. If you give her some basic ideas, she can come up with so much. For example, I said I like pink, brown and here is a picture...and then I had my blog! I am so super easy to please. I want to get my done again but I like so much that I haven't decided yet! :)

Reese's Pieces said...

Hey! I commented on your last post about this one on accident! Oh well! Yes, I think you should do it if Jeremy is fine with it. Jason would think I was ridiculous for spending any amt of money on my blog! I bet it would be really cute! :) Do it!

Lauren said...

Do it! I love that you found someone for only $40, too! I would SO rather someone else design my blog than do it myself! And you're is getting REALLY pricey. When I FIRST had mine designed, it was $ that lady charges $120 for the same design! It's crazy!