Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You’ve Been Served

Are you kidding me?  I got the dreaded subpoena today that I was hoping would never arrive.  I got an email a week or so ago that a case I worked in 2007 is going to trial and I would testify if that happens.  Looks like it is going to happen.  Joy.  This all reminds me of how much I don’t miss working for CPS and how happy I am teaching.

The pool is coming along!  Tile is up and stone has been cut and ready to be put into place.  We decided to do stamped concrete as well.  Super pumped about that decision!

And, Jeremy and two of his best friends are now taking Krav Maga.  He likes to show me all of the stuff they learned in class.  I guess I know what it feels like when I come home from step and show him my routines.  At least I am actually interested to see what he learned.  Jeremy just tells me I am strange and then finally stops watching after about 20 seconds.  Oh marriage.

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JenBrown said...

ummm...you show him your step moves? nerd alert!!!!!!!