Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh Life

10 updates on life.

1.  I finally finished our couch pillows.  It took me almost 2 weeks because I didn’t want to hand sew the closings, but I finally did as we watched basketball last night.  So glad to have a color besides gold and red in our living room.

2.  We painted our arm chair today since it was a gorgeous out.  The picture outside is of the chair primed and then the final product.  The color is actually porcelain and it looks more white in the photo.  I am very happy with the result.
DSCF3215 DSCF3218 DSCF3219

3.  Speaking of chairs….. I got two more bad boys!  Any ideas of what I should do with them?  Jeremy isn’t convinced that I am going to make them into some amazing, but I have faith!

4.  I got this table that I just need to strip and refinish, but I love the shape of the table.  For $10 I couldn’t say no.  Obviously, since it is in my garage.

5.  Our pool is so close to finishing.  They did the first phase of the stamped concrete today and we are so excited to take pictures of the final result.

6.  My students take TAKS in a little over 4 weeks and I am already stressed about it.  90% of my students will do fine, but there are some that are just so borderline that it could go either way.  I have one or two that are so far away from passing that I am struggling to hold onto hope.  Sad.  I need an attitude adjustment asap.

7.  Jeremy is having friends over tonight to watch the UFC fights.  I like having his friends over, they make me laugh a lot.  One of his friends has asked me to make him pillows for his couch because he wants all new stuff.  Uh oh… small business time!  You know, make 4 pillows for someone once a year.  I will make millions on this.

8.  My birthday is Wednesday.  I asked for Glee Season 1 on DVD.  I hope I get it!!  One of my sweet, sweet students found out that I like sour straws and bought me 3 packages of them.  How lucky am I that I love my job.  Attitude has been adjusted.

9.  Glee Season 2 starts April 13th.  I watched a commercial and at the end I started screaming and clapping because I got so excited.  I am going to have a party by myself that night.  Feel free to join via TV.

10.  My sister is having another boy this summer!  We are so thrilled to have another baby around.  I hope they name him after me…. Emilio Brown.  Just rolls off the tongue.


Allison said...

Emilio. That's good stuff.

JenBrown said...

i don't think emilio is going to cut it...

Reese's Pieces said...

Oh girl, you always crack me up. Emilio....hehe. And if I could spend $40 on my blog, I totally would. I say go for it. Happy Early Birthday!