Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As we all know I have little to no will power when it comes to certain things, like food, presents, etc…  When Jeremy came home today he had my birthday gift ready to go.  Sneaky Jer, he ordered it and had it sent to his parents so I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I knew I wouldn’t wait until tomorrow to open it up (we both knew this).  I guessed that it was the Glee DVD but the bag was way too light.  Jeremy gave me a hint that I have asked for this item numerous times.  Got it!  I remembered that the other week I showed him a Betsey Johnson necklace and earring set online.  I am so very smart.

Skip to one hour (being generous here) later and I decided it was close enough to my birthday to open my gift.  Much to my surprise it was not at all what I thought; it was a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses that I saw & fell in love with LAST summer while we are on vacation in Florida!!  Ever since then I have looked for them here and never found them.  I never searched far and wide, but every time we go to Nordstrom’s Rack, TJ, Dillards, anywhere…. I would look through the sunglasses for this pair or something similar.

Of course, I love my gift, but what makes me even happier is that Jeremy really pays attention to all the little things that I do and say.  It delights my heart that Jeremy remembered something that I liked and have secretly wanted for almost a year.  He picked up on the fact that every time we are about to leave Nordstrom I take a quick glance at the sunglass section to see if I hit the jackpot.

Just one of the very many, many, many reasons why I love my husband more and more each day.  He will do anything and everything he can just to make me smile :)


Lindsey @ Better After said...

Hi Emily! I featured your bathroom makeover on my blog today! Thanks so much! :)

Jessica said...

that's awesome!!

JenBrown said...

how sweet! and super exciting about better after blog!!!