Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Jeremy woke up at about 7am and complained how cold it was in our house.  I get really hot at night, so I didn’t really notice much.  When he tried to turn on the news and the TV wouldn’t come on, things started clicking.  Conclusion: Emily didn’t turn the air down to 63 degrees… our house lost power at 2am; awesome.  And, our front tree shed a few layers and we have LARGE branches all in our yard.  Very sad.  We left the house at 10am and headed to his parents to hang out with his mom and shower/get warm.  We (actually just Jeremy, I could sit and read or relax for way longer than him) were getting stir crazy so we ran to Weir’s to get a chair that his mom bought and while they were getting it ready we shopped in their Country Shop.  ADORABLE!  My new favorite place.  GREAT items and WONDERFUL prices!  Here is what I got:
DSCF3114 DSCF3119
Remember how I want to redo my dining room table?  I only want to keep the gold chargers and my sister, Allison, said to do a white and gold… very simple.  I followed her rules… somewhat.  I am putting the adorable plates on the wall (we have a plate holder stand thingy), and I need another larger plate for the center.  I am moving my wedding plates to inside the China cabinet.  I loved the birds and had to get them.  For under 10 bucks for all 3, who could say no?!  Not us!  Anyways, this will be a work in progress.  I tend to have something in mind and then never get anything until I find that one particular thing that I have no idea if it is even out there.

On our way to Weir’s we made a pit stop at the Rack; the chair wasn’t ready yet… so why not?  Not sure what my deal is with coats, but I got another one.  It was only $25!  I couldn’t say no.  It was talking to me about how she wanted to be with my other coats in the closet and I didn’t want to keep friends apart, so I bought it.  I have a kind heart, what can I say?
So, power is back on.  We are warm in bed.  Tomorrow we have the outdoor race and there is still almost a foot of snow on the ground.  Should be interesting trying to complete a race with 10 layers, boots, gloves, and a backpack.  Can’t wait.


JenBrown said...

glad to hear you have power back! cute coat...she will be happy with her friend! Let us know how the race goes. how many times has mom worried about your 'disease'??

Allison said...

Now we're on the same page!!! That took a while ...

I love the jacket!!!!