Thursday, February 11, 2010

A walk in his shoes

This morning we woke up to beautiful snow, thank you random Texas weather.  You never fail to surprise me.  All day my students were asking me if school was going to get out early… no, we will be here until 3:15.  And, no, I will not let you go outside in my class and get cold and wet; you can go outside at 3:15.  Can you tell I had that conversation more than once?  We were told to leave as soon as we could because the weather was getting worse.  My principal was getting snow off everyone’s car and thankfully he was still out there when I left work.  Poor Jetty, she isn’t made for this.  We got a little stuck in the snow and Mr. Russell and a student kindly helped give Jetty a push or 30 until we got on our merry way.  Needless to say, my gym class is a no go.
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Why the title to this post?  Well, I decided to wear slip on shoes this morning that you don’t wear socks with.  Smart, I know.  It actually wasn’t bad at all.. they were pretty water resistant.  When I got home I put on warm socks and looked through my closet for boots to wear outside to take pictures.  Well, I found these; Jeremy’s motorcycle boots.  Only about a foot too big, but they did the trick.

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JenBrown said...

what a nice principal! I can't see any of our principals going out to the parking lot and helping de-snow cars just to be nice. We were even told 'you can leave a little bit early' which didn't really mean 'leave as soon as possible'. so nice!