Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Summer

Monday starts our pool renovation.  We are thrilled!  I can’t wait to see the final results, but there are still things we need to figure out.  Do we want two spill-ways or  waterfall?  What color tile? Stamped concrete or keep what we have?  So many choices.  If it wasn’t 2 degrees outside I would take some pictures and post our befores… but LOST is on and I have a blanket.  Another time.

Saturday Jeremy, Brad, Staci, and I are participating in the Ft. Worth Urban Challenge.  It is like survivor, but hopefully fun!  I am a wee bit nervous because I hate running and it is going to cold as crap out there.  I just want to finish the race… not trying to win the gold, just cross the dang line.  You have to take pictures at every stop so I will be able to post about the race.  Hope it is fun!

Any big plans for Valentine’s Day?  We are going to Jen’s for our family tradition of home-made pizza.  YUM!
BOSTON PIZZA INTERNATIONAL INC. - Valentine's Day Fundraiser

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JenBrown said...

well, i will be your house in the summer 'swimming'. or soaking my big fat body while you swim with john! :)